About this blog

This blog is an effort to structure and share what I learned (and continue to learn) working as a  Data / Management Scientist and Management Consultant. My hope is that by writing it down,  I will get better at communicating it, and get feedback from others.

About me

I am a PhD Fellow in the Dynamics Lab in Ireland & also advise / support organisations seeking to use their data to generate valuable insight. My primary research focus is predictive modelling of social behavior (using networks). In a previous life, I spent time as both management consultant (specialising in Finance) and a Management Scientist (predicting and optimising customer behavior). I host the Social Network Data repository, have been published in the Harvard Business Review thanks to winning a Kaggle competiton and am currently working on a social data product involving objective measures of authority.

I can be reached on twitter (@ieeamo) or linkedin.

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